MagicScroll – Read .EPub eBooks Online, In Any Modern Browser

MagicScroll Ebook Web Apps

MagicScroll – Read .EPub eBooks Online, In Any Modern Browser
MagicScroll is an elegant and very convenient Web App which  allows you to read eBooks in your browser without installing any extra software on your computer. The service don’t require any kind of  registration and it is completely free to use. Just upload your EBook file and start reading. As simple as that. 

MagicScroll is undoubtedly one of the best and useful Web-App based on HTML5. It obviously doesn’t work with DRM-protected books, but if you’re looking for an convenient way to read books online, without the hassle of installing a extra software on your computer then MagicScroll is the perfect solution for you.

MagicScroll – Read .EPub eBooks Online, In Any Modern Browser

Using the service is in fact very very easy. Just go to MagicScroll website where you will see your Book Library. It comes with two preloaded Books “Alice In Wonderland” and “Peter And Wendy”. You can try reading these two provided sample book to see the look and feel of the reader. To add a new eBook to your library just click on the  ‘Add a Book to Your Library’ button. You can choose to import any .EPub eBook File from your computer or alternatively you can provide the link to an eBook File if you want to add them from the Internet.

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