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Learn Photoshop Now

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Reveal
Shortcuts Secrets On How To Conquer
Adobe Photoshop In Under Two Hours...

 (Don't Even Think About Opening Photoshop Before You Learn About This)

A Personal Message From David Peters Sunday, 15th July, 2012

Dear Photoshop user you are going to love this…

     …I have created a complete video based Photoshop learning system which allows you to master all the basic functions of Photoshop in just 2 hours!

As it's all online and video based, you simply sit back and watch it on your computer right away, and within just 2 hours you'll be able to produce results you can't even begin to imagine.

(Stop a moment and just think about what you have just read... literally 2 hours from now you will be able to manage most of the important Photoshop tools with ease!).

These are videos of me actually using Photoshop right before your very eyes, as if you were literally sitting side by side with me, looking over my shoulder as I work with Photoshop on your computer showing you how each task is done.

Now, besides all the boring manuals and books out there, there are also some DVD based tutorials on the market, but I know that when I want to learn a computer program I want to be near my computer, not near my TV…

…That's why I have made these 2+ hours of video based instruction fully PC and Mac compatible, so that you can watch and learn Photoshop at your own pace and without any fixed schedule… working from the comfort of your own computer!

You have NEVER had it easier to finally learn Photoshop!

I'll share with you in a few moments how to grab your copy of these videos, but first let me tell you more about…

Learn Photoshop Now!™

"A Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Training That Shows You Photoshop-Conquering Shortcut Secrets… In 2 Hours, And Without Any Headaches!"

Learn Photoshop Now!™ is a complete, step-by-step training program that's perfect for you…

…No more spending hours and hours reading boring books or falling asleep through a 10+ hour DVD course costing $300+ (aimed at advanced professionals), when all you want to know are the shortcuts.

This is an easy to use training program designed specifically for the newbie just like you, on how to use the most common tasks in Photoshop, which includes shortcuts the professionals use!

Here's Why This is The Best Newbie
Photoshop Training Money Can Buy…

I assume, (like me when I started), you know very little about Photoshop, so I've made sure to walk you through every button, every action, every move of the mouse… so that there is absolutely no way that you can get lost and not know what to do to create great graphics.

Unlike DVD’s or Manuals, Learn Photoshop Now!™ is interactive. You get to watch what I am doing… and most importantly you get to follow along and work with me step-by-step on your own computer. This is vital to help you actually "learn by doing" (and shortens the learning curve by 78% vs. other methods of learning.)

I made every effort to make this training fun. If you are having fun and making progress then you are going to stick with it - unlike a boring manual. You want to learn Photoshop as quickly as possible and get yourself up and running, and keeping your learning fun and light hearted (as these videos do) helps big time!

You have the ability to pause, rewind and re-watch the videos anytime. This gives you total control over your learning process so you can learn at YOUR own pace… and never feel overwhelmed.

What Exactly Will I Learn?

By simply sitting back and watching these videos you learn:
How to transform old photos just like new in just a few simple steps - it's much easier than you think! (In fact we'll give you a shortcut which will allow you how to transform photographs you thought were "beyond repair").

How to remove red eye from photographs so your friends and relatives no longer look like they are "possessed"... (think back now how many photos would have looked great if it wasn't for the "red eye" - that problem will soon be a thing of the past for you... and people will love you for it)

How to easily change the appearance of any photograph or image, and apply cool special effects... effortlessly! (Like how to "flip", add shadows, crop and so on, so forth)

How to finally take command of all the important photoshop tools like the "text tool", "paint bucket", "lasso", "magic wand", "gradient fill", "layers", "effects" and much much more... and start using photoshop like a pro (even if you're only starting out!). Don't worry you'll soon know these terms like the back of your hand.

How to use the "Palette Well" to setup your Photoshop environment. Learning how the "Palette Well" works will save you hours by allowing you to get instant access to the tools you need for each image. When you go through the videos this mysterious tool (and many more) will be second nature to you.

What is the toolbox and why it is needed for most Photoshop tasks (once you learn this you'll be able to accomplish any task virtually with the click of your mouse).

How to quickly find any image you want to work with... it's amazing how much time people waste simply because they don't know how to really use Photoshop to navigate to each image, and then can't find the images they have just worked on and saved - don't feel bad, we have all done it :-)

How the "Image State" feature of Photoshop can allow you to never make another mistake again - this is one of the top secret tools used by the pros to always turn out flawless work.

Using the selection tool to make all your Photoshop work easy (I'll reveal the dirty little secrets, that most Photoshop users don't even know, on how you can use the selection tool with amazing effectiveness).

How to correctly use the "Grow" command and how it can make tasks that used to be impossible now only take seconds - this one will save you a lot of time.

What is the difference between a canvas and an image? Knowing this can alleviate many headaches when you start to change image sizes - using the wrong option can totally distort a photo, and you may never know why!

Discover Photoshops BIG secret - layers. As soon as you master these, you'll be able to manipulate your images with ease, and make changes or test new effects in a snap.

Learn the different image and color modes and when to use which - so that you'll know how to specifically develop images that appear great on web pages, computer-based multimedia etc.

How to retouch and improve any photograph - easily. While these techniques are simple they are extremely effective, and have very impacting results.

How to paint like Monet using the Photoshop paintbrush tool... you can do some VERY interesting things with this after watching Photoshop Fast Track.

How to merge two (or more) photos together seamlessly - like the top magazines and newspapers do!

How to "frame" a photo so that it looks like a professional fashion photographer took it. (This is so easy when you know how!)

How to save your images in all the different formats - and which format is best for the Web (where you need "optimized" images that load quickly).

How to use the "Crop" feature so you can quickly and easily trim a photo or "cut out" any part of an image you don't want to appear.

How to find and use "plug-ins" (pre-programmed tools) to achieve amazing effects instantly. Plug-ins are extremely powerful and so simple to use once you know how!

Everything you need to know to apply text to images, how to select the right fonts, apply cool effects and much more.

How to make amazing enhancements to any photo such as, teeth whitening, blemish removal, hair restoration, wrinkle removal, double chin removal... all in seconds. Photoshop is the same tool that Hollywood has been using for years to make the stars look like so darn good in their promotion photos! (Hell, once you know how you can EASILY make yourself look 10lbs slimmer, I've done this for hundreds of people on their wedding or holiday photos!)

How to make graphics and logos - from scratch - just like the high priced "designers" do that can charge as much as $300 to $500 to produce... you could even sell your services after you take this training. Online design sites are quietly making a fortune doing simple design work that you will soon be capable of doing easily. There really is a genuine demand for your "soon to be aquired" lucrative new Photoshop skills... if that's what you're looking for!

The above represents just a small sample of what you'll learn with the Learn Photoshop Now video tutorials.
Can This Program Work For You?

Hundreds of people have already used this program with amazing results. We pack in everything a beginner would want to know in two hours, but keep it simple and fun.

OK, Let's Wrap This Up…

     Many Photoshop courses out there sell for $300… yet the price for the amazing Learn Photoshop Now!™ is just $247 now only $5

     (Adobe's own training DVD is one of the cheapest available at about $150 BUT it is a heavy duty 10 hours of video, most of which you don't need and will never use… and is aimed more at the advanced user - so, like many other similar courses it's really not very good for a newbie at all, and I would never recommend it).

I know I'm crazy for offering something I can sell for $300 for just $247 now only $5, but the reason I'm doing it is simple - this is not my main income source.

     So, here's your chance to finally end the dreaded "Photoshop phobia"…

…For just $247 now only $5 I'm giving you the shortcuts to Photoshop mastery in just 2 hours. There's no need to spend more money on advanced manuals or wade your way through 10 hours of videos in other courses.

     However, I do urge you to act quickly, and here's why… I'm not a major corporation, I have a small company and as this is delivered digitally I have significant bandwidth costs…

     …Once I hit a certain number of users I'll have to upgrade to higher priced servers and infrastructure, which means I will have to raise the price of the tutorials.

So act now and secure your amazing Learn Photoshop Now!™ tutorials for just $247 now only $5 and you too can quickly and easily begin to use Photoshop to edit all your digital images and graphics like a pro…

Why It's Just $5
I'm only charging $5 for this course for 3 reasons:

$5 puts the Photoshop course within the reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest of marketers.

Anyone who's not serious enough to invest $5 in this Photoshop course isn't serious enough to follow this course anyway.

Anyone who's serious enough to shell out the price of a fast food dinner and buy this course has the opportunity to be a successful in Photoshop.

For Just $247 $5 (Fully Guaranteed) You Will Receive…

Learn Photoshop Now!™ (2+ Hours of Online Video Which You Can Download to Your Own Computer or View Online... You Choose)

A FULL PDF Transcript of the Videos!

PLUS these limited time FREE bonuses...

LIMITED TIME BONUS #1: Ecover Magic (Adobe Action Scripts) - $97 Value

LIMITED TIME BONUS #2: A Guide to Digital Photography - $37 Value

LIMITED TIME BONUS #3: The Handy Color Schemer - $29.95 Value

LIMITED TIME BONUS #4: Picture Gallery Maker

LIMITED TIME BONUS #5: 86 Bonus Articles on Photoshop and Design

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Remember immediately after order you will get access to the files and videos so you can literally be mastering the basics of Photoshop just minutes from now.
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