Facebook Farmville Bot 2.00

Farmville Bot Download

Love Farmville but sick of the hundred and hundreds of clicks you have to make every time you want to tend to your fields?

FarmBot is the answer!


* Auto Harvest
* Auto Plow
* Auto Plant
* Auto Friend Helper
* Auto XP (Soybean + Delete Method)
* Works with any farm size and layout
* Very Easy to use
* No need to type anything in.

The bot automatically analyzes your farm and skips over houses/animals/decorations etc.
  • Works with no human interaction. Farm while asleep or at work!
  • Automatically closes popup and continues to Farm.
  • Recommends the highest earning crop to use and any give level
  • Compatible with all major web browsers (Tested with IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome)
  • PC, Mac and Linux Compatible homepage In the demo version you are limited to only being able to plant and harvest strawberries. 

Tell your friends if you're a friend indeed
You have to complete one survey  to download 

Can't download go to How To Download

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