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Recommended: Get FLV Player with Freecorder.
Freecorder 4 + FLV Player
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File size: 7.86 MB
Download FLV Player with Freecorder, a FREE browser add-on that lets you:
  • Download web videos from thousands of sites.
  • Record MP3 audio from any site.
  • Convert video and audio files to MP3, WMV, MPEG-4, etc.

Freecorder is 100% free forever. No registration required. Uninstall anytime. Get it now!

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Option #2: Just download FLV Player by itself.
FLV Player
Get the latest FLV Player Only
Just want FLV Player only? You can still add Freecorder later if you choose.

Install FLV Player from

The most recent version of FLV Player is 2.0.25.

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