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Email Scraper Wizard

Email Scraper works as a spider either in a webpage or in 

google and starts crawling for email addresses.

It will search for TONS of email addresses 

online in no time!


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  • Easy to use
  • Allows multithreading
  • Can scrap from website or Google
  • Advanced scraping options for Google such as Google local and language support
  • Cooling down between searches to avoid IP bans on Google
  • Proxy support
New in this version:
Upcoming features:
  • Will add the slow option that will be able to handle dymanic websites (will also notify the user when a website is dynamic so that you don’t use it unless required

How to use:
  • First you need to decide if you want to scrap emails from websites directly or just search Google
  • If you decided to search websites then you need to enter (or load list from a txt file) a list of websites (one per line) in valid format (e.g
  • If you decided to search Google then you need to enter (or load list from a txt file) a list of keywords (one per line)
  • Then you need to decide if you are going to scan complete websites (this is a crawler so its likely to go off a page as well and crawl other websites as well and never finish) so you will need to stop it manually. Or you can scan websites with depth. Depth starts from 0 which is the main website you entered (or the scraper found by searching Google), and every website it finds from there its 1 level higher. If you’ve set a level of two it will find emails up to websites found in the 2nd level.
  • If you decided to search websites then you can select the stay in domain/sub-domain option. This option tells the scraper not to leave the website and to only visit the links of the website nested in that site. So typing the site will browse the whole site but will only check sites with links that are included in the software folder of bottopia (e.g.
  • By clicking settings you can select the number of threads and/or choose language and local versions of the Google search.
  • By clicking proxy (only available in v0.4b) you can choose to use a single proxy or a proxy list. Proxy list files need to be in a txt file in the standard form server:port (e.g. Proxy timeout can also be set from here. In this version of the software if a proxy doesn’t workfor a website it is regarded as a non-working proxy and is not used again also the website it failed to scrap is scraped without a proxy.
  • Now you can just click start and watch the Email Scraper do its magic.

Please note:
Bottopia and this blog holds not responsibility for any unlawful use of this application.

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