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by: CNET Staff on February 27, 2009
Sometimes it's easier to split up a large file than to transfer or back up the whole thing. File Splitter is a free utility that does just that, as well as joining split files. It doesn't require installation, but in other respects we found it a bit inconvenient to use. Its main flaw is that it can't create self-joining file sets. The interface is clear, but it only provides built-in settings for splitting files onto floppy diskettes; many users will want to create files for burning to CDs, if not to DVDs. File Splitter did show good speed in our tests, however, and if you don't mind figuring out the target file sizes yourself, it's an effective tool for cutting unwieldy files into manageable bits.

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Publisher's Description

From WhitSoft Development:

Weighing in at only 41KB this tiny program will split up files into any number of chunks and sizes. The first and best file splitter on the Internet. First released in 1998 and is making a come back as the best handy file splitter. File Splitter allows you to split a file into multiple fragments of a specified size. These files can then be sent over the Internet and can be reassembled, or 'spliced' together, at the other side. This is especially useful when sending a file that is larger than an email provider will allow for file attachments. New to this version is a 'floppy disk mode' which will allow you to split and splice files directly to and from floppy disks. Also, there is a new interface with a progress bar. This program is written in non-MFC Win32 C++, and should not need any additional files to run.
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