How To Find and Change The WEP Key For The Thomson TG585v8 Wireless Router

How To Find and Change The WEP Key 
For The Thomson TG585v8 Wireless Router

In this tutorial, we will show you with pictures how to obtain and change your current WEP key for the Thomson Gateway TG585v8wireless router. This tutorial is also applicable on other Thomson wireless router models.

Get started

1. On any web browser, visit this link:

2. Log in as Administrator so as to be able to change the WEP key. You can find below a tip about how to log in as Administrator.

3. In the browsing menu, click Home Network.

4. On the right, all connected computers to your router will be displayed. Click the wireless network you are currently using.

5. The configuration of your WAP will be displayed. To edit it, click Configure.

6. Your WEP key will be displayed below. To change it, check on ' Use WEP Encryption', then select the WEP key length from the dropdown menu (64 bit / 128 bit). Finally, submit the new WEP encryption key, then click Apply.

That's it.

Extra Tip:

  • Logging in As Administrator

To Log in as Administrator in the Thomson Gateway TG585v8 wireless router, simply follow these steps:

1. Open this link:

2. Click User.

3. In the pop-up window, click 'Switch to another user'.

4. Type 'Administrator' as username and leave the password field blank, then click OK.

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